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Ship Meme by mollymolata Ship Meme :iconmollymolata:mollymolata 0 1 Miraculous Shipping Meme with Kwamis only - Used by mollymolata Miraculous Shipping Meme with Kwamis only - Used :iconmollymolata:mollymolata 0 0 Lila Rossi Fan-Stamp by mollymolata Lila Rossi Fan-Stamp :iconmollymolata:mollymolata 1 0 Nathaniel Kurtzberg Fan-stamp by mollymolata Nathaniel Kurtzberg Fan-stamp :iconmollymolata:mollymolata 1 0 Ao3 User Stamp by mollymolata Ao3 User Stamp :iconmollymolata:mollymolata 0 0 Mylene reacting to by mollymolata Mylene reacting to :iconmollymolata:mollymolata 0 1
Tomatofox week Day 7: Alternate Universe
Inspired by Youtube videos of the pet fox RonRon
This one shot is not that good, but I find if this is way more fitting, if it was a longer fic (so 15-20 chapters it would be nice)
Pairing: NathanielxLila
Inside of a forest a few red foxes were playing around together.
“Catch me if you can Alix!” Shouted one of the red kits.
“Wait for me Alya” Shouted the third fox running behind her siblings.
“Sabrina, Nathaniel come join us” Told Alix glaring at the other foxes. Alix was one of the smallest kit in the pack, while Alya was the tallest.
“Okay, are you coming Nath?” Asked Sabrina looking at the shorter fox, which glared at an orange reddish vixen cub walking accompanied by an adult black fox. Alya smirked and ran up at the vixen cub.
“Hi Lila, how’s going?” Asked Alya getting a nod from the animal.
“Great, great”
“Wanna join us all playing hunt the fox?” Asked Alya and Lila nod
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New Years Eve - Tomatofox
Day 5: Starry Nights
Pairing: NathanielxLila

Age: Teen
Lila sat on the dinner table of her house reading a message of her father.
“Looks like I got the house for myself again” Said Lila, then her phone beeped receiving a message.
“Nath?” Asked Lila herself seeing his full name followed by a heart on the end of it.
Hi Lila, are you going to the party of Adrien tonight?”
Lila smiled and replied to the boy.
“Yeah and you?”
Same and I wanted to ask you, if you are interested to go with me later at the trocadéro to see the fireworks. Can you come?”
“I’m definitely coming. See you there!” Typed Lila and left Nathaniel’s conversation and entered into another chat of a person named Rose Lavillant.
“Rose, Nathaniel asked me out to go see the fireworks at the trocadéro!”
Squeal! That’s great Lila!
“Yes, I know!” Replied Lila wi
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Tomatofox week - Day 4: Coffee AU
Sunshine_Story inspired me to do this one :D
I couldn't find a plot for the First Encounter (Day 3)
Pairing: NathanielxLila
In the afternoon a few people hang out in the coffee shop drinking coffee and talking with friends.
Once again a certain girl named Lila Rossi entered into the coffee shop, waiting until it was her turn for the coffee.
Behind the desks, where the coffees are made stood a red head, which was refilling a cup of coffee, while glaring at the beauty of the brunette girl, that stood on the back. A black haired Asian noted that, then rolled his eyes with a grin.
"Why don't you give that girl your phone number or something?" Asked Kim.
"Who?" Asked Nathaniel.
"You know who, come it won't hurt to do it" Told Kim filling a short cup with coffee.
"I'll try" Responded Nathaniel looking at the back, where the smiling Italian was.
"It will be fine" Assured Kim closing the coffee with a cover.
After a few customers it was Lila's turn and she got attended by
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Tomatofox week Day 2: Partners in Crime
Pairing: EvillustratorxVolpina
Nathaniel sat on a chair in front of Principal Damocles’ secretary looking sadly down at his ripped sketch booklet. He had been drawn for a real while on a comic of his superhero self Super Nathan. It had almost become one year, that Nathaniel befriended the new girl in his class Lila. He met her, due the first day as she had to seat behind the class far away from the others next to him. Theoretically, she could have seat next to Ivan, which was closer for her to look at her crush Adrien. Since that day Ladybug had embarrassed her in front of him, everyone started to have a disliking on her. Nathaniel only heard about her having lied, the trouble with Ladybug and the akumatization into Volpina, nothing more. Only as she became his seat mate, he somewhat tried to figure out, what really had happen and they became good friends.
Nathaniel looked at all the ripped piece of papers, which were done by Chloé. She makes almost to everyone in the
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Prompt 1 for the TomatoFox Week - Day 1
I participated at the TomatoFox week, because I just couldn't miss anything about my favorite ship :3
Pairing: EvillustratorxVolpina

In the underground station stood a few people waiting for the metro. A metro had arrived and as a few people wanted to enter, the door opened and a strong wind blew the people away from there.
“Back off!” Shouted Stormy Weather leaving the wagon along with a few other akumatized citizens.
“Simon Says, can you get Evillustrator some more help?” Asked Lady Wifi. “They’re a bit late”
“Alright” Responded Simon Says and took his cards out, then threw it at some passengers of the metro.
“Simon Says help Evillustrator preparing everything for today’s occasion” Demanded Simon Says and they got hypnotized and ran out of the metro accompanied by the pink suited guy.
“I’ll be going to Volpina now” Said Lady Wifi
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Miraculous - Ultimate Shipping Meme by mollymolata Miraculous - Ultimate Shipping Meme :iconmollymolata:mollymolata 6 0 Kwami Karaa - Miraculous by mollymolata Kwami Karaa - Miraculous :iconmollymolata:mollymolata 3 2 Nathaniel and Lila - Miraculous by mollymolata Nathaniel and Lila - Miraculous :iconmollymolata:mollymolata 1 1 TomatoFox edit by mollymolata TomatoFox edit :iconmollymolata:mollymolata 2 0 My Top Ten Crack Pairings by mollymolata My Top Ten Crack Pairings :iconmollymolata:mollymolata 7 2


Inktober 2017 Day 8 by ColaCat8018 Inktober 2017 Day 8 :iconcolacat8018:ColaCat8018 10 3 Volpina by KuusouAizouGirl Volpina :iconkuusouaizougirl:KuusouAizouGirl 22 2 Lila Rossi by fortunateJules Lila Rossi :iconfortunatejules:fortunateJules 11 9 Volpina by diligi Volpina :icondiligi:diligi 20 3 volpina stamp by MacaronParadise volpina stamp :iconmacaronparadise:MacaronParadise 11 3 Volpina by YiPrincess Volpina :iconyiprincess:YiPrincess 22 3 ML: Little Vixen by SmartasticalArt ML: Little Vixen :iconsmartasticalart:SmartasticalArt 113 15 Volpina's Civilian Form by summer-draws Volpina's Civilian Form :iconsummer-draws:summer-draws 53 3 Lila by summer-draws Lila :iconsummer-draws:summer-draws 39 4 Lila (Volpina) by nyaka2014 Lila (Volpina) :iconnyaka2014:nyaka2014 4 1 Volpina ladybug by skemo-cindy Volpina ladybug :iconskemo-cindy:skemo-cindy 5 0 Never Fear, Super Chase is Here! by kreazea Never Fear, Super Chase is Here! :iconkreazea:kreazea 55 15 Rose Fan Stamp by misawafujisaki-stamp Rose Fan Stamp :iconmisawafujisaki-stamp:misawafujisaki-stamp 16 0 Chat Noir Stamp by sei-chizu Chat Noir Stamp :iconsei-chizu:sei-chizu 69 3 Swollen Justice: PG. 21 by TRC-Tooniversity Swollen Justice: PG. 21 :icontrc-tooniversity:TRC-Tooniversity 26 3 Swollen Justice: PG. 20 by TRC-Tooniversity Swollen Justice: PG. 20 :icontrc-tooniversity:TRC-Tooniversity 35 2



Ship Meme
The empty template. 

Feel free to use it and if you want you can post yours here down the comment section. BTW credit me in your description of the meme,when you use it. 

Show is owned by ZAG
Miraculous Shipping Meme with Kwamis only - Used
Not really to 100% about what I ship, but as an example.

OTP: PlaggxTikki

Like: OcxTrixx, PlaggxTrixx, NoorooxTrixx, NoorooxPollen

Love triangle: TikkixPlaggxTrixx

Show is owned by ZAG



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Mariana Santos
Tuga Deviant by mauro-goncalo

Favourite genre of music: House, Techno, Pop, Soundtrack,
Favourite cartoon character: Nathaniel Kurtzberg (Miraculous)
Favourite movie character: Humphrey (Alpha and Omega), Nick Wilde (Zootopia)
Favourite anime character: Prince Aikka (Oban Star Racers), Yuno Gasai (Mirai Nikki)
Favourite videogame character: Michael De Santa and Trevor Phillips (Grand Theft Auto 5)
Favourite Live Action Character: Daniel Lopes, Eva Pelicano (Mar Salgado), Dr House (House M.D), Anthony DiNozzo (NCIS)
Favourite OC (Created by me): Molly (Alpha & Omega/Balto), Chester (PAW Patrol)
Favourite OC (Not by me): Antartica SnowPaw by Aki-Hanna (Penguins of Madagascar),
Current fav ship: NathanielxLila (TomatoFox) , Miraculous

AGE: 19
Favorite Color: Red
Favorite Country: Portugal (Its a damm hot country xD)
Favorite Season: Summer
Favorite Dessert: chocolat cake!!! P:
Favorite Stop light: White
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Birthday: 16th May
Time Born: 12 O clock Portugal timezone (Continental)
Likes: Music, Dogs, Cats, Computers, Consoles (Mostly Playstation or Nintendo), Fanfics, Good Friends (Or better True Friends), Cartoon, Anime, Sweets , Painting, cars, planes, Portugal
Dislikes: Jerks, Snakes, Spiders (The Big, hairy and/or creepy ones), People messing about my Stories/Arts/Shipping, Immature Shippers, unessecary posts (In relation to Art, shipping, fanfic etc.) like insulting it or anything similar.

FAVOURITE SHOWS: How i met your mother , The Simpsons , Monster Buster Club, Knight Rider(2008),Mayday - Air Crash Investigation, American Dad, House MD, Mar Salgado, Miraculous and PAW Patrol.

FAVOURITE GAMES: Grand Theft Auto 1-5 , The Sims 1-4, Flight Simulatior X, PES, Fifa, Need For Speed and Rayman.

FAVOURITE COUNTRIES: England, Switzerland, Germany, Portugal,Brazil,Canada,USA, Turkey, Italy and Sweden.
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